Professor Can Seng Ooi giving a talk

Media Engagement: Articles and letters

"Why is extreme 'frontier travel' booming despite the risks?" The Conversation 22 June 2023. Co-written with Anne Hardy, Hanne Nielsen and Joseph Cheer

"More than 100,000 tourists will head to Antarctica this summer. Should we worry about damage to the ice and its ecosystems?" The Conversation 22 June 2023. Co-written with Elizabeth Leane, Anne Hardy, Carolyn Philpott, Hanne Nielsen and Katie Marx

"Lessons from tourism economies that serve the community", 7 September 2022. Also published in The Star and The Vibes

"Tasmanian needs a post-pandemic plan for tourism" The Examiner (Tasmania, Australia), 12 September 2021. Co-written with Anne Hardy

"Moving tourism forward with the community" Mercury (Tasmania, Australia), 3 July 2020. Co-written with Lisa Denny and Becky Shelley

"Plan a party to sustain our tourism" Mercury (Tasmania, Australia), 21 March 2020

"Turn tourism to our advantage" Mercury (Tasmania, Australia), 11 October 2018

"Bring everyone along for the ride", Mercury (Tasmania, Australia), 19 January 2018

"Tourism must be a way of life", Mercury (Tasmania, Australia), 15 December 2017

"Raising taxes not a bad idea", Straits Times (Singapore), 24 November 2017

"Failed economic adventures have big impact here", Straits Times (Singapore), 10 November 2017

"Brilliant to pedestrianise area", Straits Times (Singapore), 21 April 2017.

"Higher qualifications are no guarantee of job security", Straits Times (Singapore), 19 September 2016.

"No need for economic reason to promote car-free days", Straits Times (Singapore), 8 August 2016.

"Interview with Professor Can Seng Ooi, Copenhagen Business School", The Place Brand Observer, 19 November 2015.

"Make overseas voting easier for Singaporeans", Straits Times (Singapore), 26 September 2015.

"Rebranding Civic District: Engage the art and cultural communities", Straits Times (Singapore), 1 July 2015.

"Build on success of 'green' car scheme", Straits Times (Singapore), 11 August 2014.

"Get more of us excited about art", Straits Times (Singapore), 6 November 2013.

"Is infrastructure able to support tourism growth?", Straits Times (Singapore), 29 April 2013.

"Nordic model holds lessons for Singapore", Straits Times (Singapore), 12 June 2012.

"Not being first isn't necessarily bad", Straits Times (Singapore), 2 June 2012.

"Singapore and Nordic nations share a nuanced similarity", Straits Times (Singapore), 22 May 2012.

"Dare to be unpopular, Straits Times (Singapore), 12 September 2009.

"Overseas Singaporeans", Straits Times (Singapore), 29 August 2008.

"Creativity and Freedom of Expression: A Case from Singapore",Insights@CBS, April 2006.

"Shopping does not improve quality of life", Straits Times (Singapore), 4 June 2006.

"GM foods should be labelled clearly", Straits Times (Singapore), 25 May 2006.

"Change inevitable but can we do so gracefully?", Straits Times (Singapore), 31 August 2005.

"Reason to rejoice: Singapore is growing up", Straits Times (Singapore), 20 April 2005.

"Rebranding the Lion City", featured in and (part of special series to mark Singapore's national day), 18 August 2004.

"More to debate than labelling", [on GM food], Straits Times (Singapore), 28 May 2004.

"Let intellectually disabled work in community", Straits Times (Singapore), 2 January 2004.

Media engagement: Interviews

Cabato, Regine. 2024. "How Taylor Swift gave Singapore's economy a massive boost", The Washington Post, 8 March 2024.

"From Coldplay to Taylor Swift, How Singapore Has Become a Favorite Venue for Top Artists - And Why That's Upsetting Fans", Time, 22 June 2023.

"Tourism boom and hotel investment lauded by industry but some fear Tasmania natural charm under threat", ABC News, 27 April 2018.

"Sky's the limit", Mercury, 9 January 2018.

"Expert calls for visitor tax to fund facilities", Mercury, 15 December 2017.

"International Happiness", live interview on Backchat, RTHK Radio 3, 22 March 2017.

"Growing pains for Singapore art market", Straits Times, 10 May 2016.

"Skvulp får potentiale" [Skvulp has potential], Nordvestnyt, 13 April 2016.

"Denmark's image in the international media", 'live' interview on TV2 News, 1230hrs edition, 23 January 2016.

"Amerikansk medie hylder Danmark: Alt andet blegner ved siden af" [American media showcase Denmark: Everywhere else pales in comparison], TV2 News, 17 April 2015.

"Turister fravaelger Kinas bysmog og dyrere valuta" [Tourists avoid China's smog and high Yuan], Jyllands-Posten, 30 January 2015.

"Copenhagen just got a LOT bigger", The Local (Denmark Edition), 15 August 2014.

"Kinesisk turistboom i Danmark" [Chinese tourists boom in Denmark], Kristeligt Dagblad, 8 July 2013.

"Vandkant style" [Peripheral coastal syle], Weekendavisen, 8 May 2013.

"Gør jer klar til kineserne, før de kommer" [Get ready before they arrive], Fyens Stiftstidende, 20 February 2013.

"Guldturisterne, hele verden drømmer om" [The Gold Tourists the world dreams about], Fyens Stiftstidende, 18 February 2013.

"Turismeforsker tror på idéen" [Tourism researcher supports the idea], Fyens Stiftstidende, 4 October 2012.

"Kinesere tror på HCA-park" [Chinese supports the H.C. Andersen Park], Fyens Stiftstidende, 4 October 2012.

"Kinakrav: Blonde danske strippere" [Chinese demand: Blonde Danish strippers], Politiken, 15 August 2012.

"Kinesiske turister kraever blonde danske strippere" [Chinese tourists crave for blonde danish strippers],, 16 August 2012.

"Skuffet kineser: 10.000 km for thai-bryster" [Disappointed Chinese: 10 000 km for Thai breasts],, 15 August 2012.

"The Nordic give & take", The Straits Times, 23 June 2012.

"Sex, drugs & HC Andersen", Weekend Avisen, 15 June 2012.

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"Vi skal oppe os for at tiltraekke flere kinesiske turister" [More need to be done to attract Chinese tourists], Politiken, 29 December 2010.

"Danmark har et forspring i konkurrencen" [Denmark has a headstart in the competition], Information, 27 December 2010

"Danmarks opskrift på global succes", Information, 27 December 2010.

"Denmark still looks like a global winner", DR Online, 28 December 2010.
Also in Danish:
"Danmark ligner fortsat en vinder", DR Online, 28 December 2010.
"Danmark kan sagtens vinde globalt ", Boersen Online, 28 December 2010.

"CBS expat network", CBS Observer, 7 October 2010.

"Dictator or not? Singapore", Interview on DR2 Udland, 30 September 2010.

"Art and politics in China", Interview on DR2 Udland, 12 February 2010.

"Lifelong learning has made Denmark one of the most competitive economies", Straits Times, 13 December 2008.

"Danes pay hefty taxes to enjoy welfare system", Straits Times, 13 December 2008.

"Kinesisk kunst foelger kapitalstroemmen" [Chinese art rides ongrowth], Information, 26 October 2008.

"Is Copenhagen Cool?", KBH magazine, July/August 2008

"Frygt for politiske investeringsfonde" [Wariness towards political investment funds", DJOEF Bladet, No. 9, May 2008.

"Singapores saerligefinanser" [Singapore's special finances]Magasinet Finans, August 2008.

"Travel and the Mind" BBC Radio 4's Analysis, 9 August 2007.

"Copenhagen a hit with the tourists" Politiken (in Danish),4 April 2006.

"City tops for business and pleasure", Copenhagen Post,4 April 2006.

"Relax and enjoy your holiday", Jylland Posten(in Danish)2 October 2005.

"Clubbing the international way", Kraemmerhuset (in Danish), 3 April 2005.

"Tourists forget fast", MetroXpress (in Danish), 30 Dec 2004.

"More tourists visit Christiania", MetroXpress (in Danish),26 July 2004.

"Singapore Club: an initiative from the East", Copenhagen Post . 13 March 2004.

"Why we stay out", Today (Singapore), 5 February 2003.